Mar Wear produces state of the art workwear to withstand the rough seas of the North Atlantic. Icelandic fishermen face some of the toughest conditions found on the seas while traversing the rich fishing grounds. Out there, the quality of the workwear is of immense importance.

The products are made for the people who toil in them every day. It is this direct feedback that gives Mar Wear a competitive edge. Slight changes to seafaring gear might sound insignificant to an outsider, but fishermen know the importance of small details. Added height on the protective sides provides shelter from rain and sleet, while extra pockets in the right spaces for knives and workwear can provide that extra edge to fishermen. The flexible yet sturdy garments have proven themselves when faced with the North Atlantic weather and seas.

The Mar Wear line has expanded to include gear for workes in fish processing facilities. The processing plant gear can be applied to any kind of food processing facility. It is in line with the Mar Wear way of thinking, constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve. The inspiration for Mar Wear remains the same. Designed by fishermen, tested by fishermen, and most importantly, used by fishermen. The state of the art workwear is made for the toughest conditions found on the high seas.